Sourcing & Compliance

China and Asia in general has since the early 1980ies gone through a rapid expansion into industrial production from handicraft workshops and been through a change from state owned to private factories. It is a fact that it has created one of the most affluent economies in the world and probably one of the most chaotic with very little transparencies for outsiders. This reality makes sourcing and compliance to international demands more than a difficult matter not least for foreign companies. China is no longer that low-key industrial country but probably one of the most advanced and efficient high-tech countries in the world. Quality standards has risen and often beyond world-wide competitions, but in a volatile global market which in the past years has shaken the world trade we suddenly experience it is so more important to join forces with HUACI Group because we know our factories for many years and we have the connections which tells us which manufactures can be trusted and deliver the quality in demand!

A network of reliable manufactures

Travelling all over Asia and particularly China for more than 25 years HUACI Group has been able to create a very dense and well-functioning network of reliable manufactures in various branches from furniture to electronics and not least our core competence household appliances. All our partners have a reputation for understanding the demanded ratio between quality, time and money. HUACI Group can guarantee that these manufactures is accessible, and our clients can rely on long term partnerships. In a constant changing market and with lifestyles changing overnight it is important that HUACI Group can provide new manufactures for our clients which is technical sophisticated enough and can live up to such fast changes at a speed and price which is needed. At HUACI Group every employee knows the importance of sourcing the best factories within a business and production area. Therefore, we more than just keep our eyes and ears wide open…we simply use any spare time to visit new factories which can be of importance to our clients in the future and have all the mentioned qualifications.

To HUACI Group sourcing is not only a matter of finding the right manufacture who can produce a product within the given limitations and opportunities. No, we consider it of big importance that our clients and our producing partners is the right fit. We know by experience that this is crucial not only to a long-lasting collaboration but foremost to an efficient and strategic collaboration which increase the opportunities for both parties to share the wealth of success.

The right fit for a shared success

Factory audit and Social Compliance

In today’s business and production environment there is an increased demand from our clients to provide full transparency in the entire supply chain; be it financial, social or environmental. It has surely become the centrepiece of ethic trade around the globe and a must in contemporary trading. By HUACI Group we welcome this new development because we know by experience from our daily work in the factories what change it can make. Not only in terms of safety, health and social care but the resulting impact of having a motivated and attentive work force is not only a big step towards a more sustainable and fairer world it is good business. HUACI Group takes the stress out of compliance testing. We confirm which standards your product must comply with and create and implement a compliance testing for you. We make use of international companies specialized in such matters to guaranty your product arrive on destination and path the controls smoothly. Do not hesitate to call us any time for an offer and profit from our deep insight in Chinese manufacturing industries. Social Compliance is our auditing of a manufacturer’s capability and performance in respect to social & safety compliance.