What we are good at

Because the variety of products we handle is infinite we have structured our activities into materials to be able to just give you a small insight into what HUACI Group can do for you. But it does have another good reason: Our product managers have over the years created an outstanding experience and have become specialist with an insight into one or two materials. In an industrial development which is changing from day to day such expertise is crucial to our client’s success. Beside the materials we have mentioned here it must be said that HUACI Group have experience with other materials such as plastic but we are always interested in venturing into new areas where we haven’t yet experience to offer except for our fundamental philosophy “Perfection and excellence to the smallest detail”. 

HUACI Group has the needed know how, logistic and partners to succeed in creating world class products. 
HUACI Group is there to be challenged by you

Do not hesitate to contact HUACI Group for your next design projects. You will find a team of project managers with exactly that insight and expertise needed to make high quality products which will fit into the international market. Our experience and skills in this field are ready to share 35 years of unsurpassed experience!