Porcelain & Ceramics

Around the 9th century the first examples of porcelain came into existence. China might not have discovered this material; but they innovated it to a perfection not really surpassed until the 17th century when China lost its monopoly to European ceramic manufactures. Today most production of porcelain is returning to China and the once famous and glorious European brands is now producing their products in China. 

The amount of porcelain and ceramic factories in today’s China is infinite which covers material from porcelain, stoneware to magnesium porcelain
and it is nearly impossible to get an overview and an in depth understanding of this industry. Factories are closing and others popping up faster than one can count. 

As porcelain can be said to be our specialty, we have to admit that the spectrum in quality is as big as the amount of manufactures. HUACI Group has been choosing to work with some of the biggest and most professional for the traditional porcelain and big quantities. But at the same time, we have supported and invested in a few small manufactures workshops run by a young generation of ceramist to specialize in more innovative technologies, such as double walled thermo cups which needs extraordinary craftsmanship and precision skills not possible to reach in big factories. 

HUACI Group partners in porcelain have specialized in the following product groups. 

– Dinner ware. 

– Cups & mugs

– Teapots

– Coffeepots

– Water and Milk jugs

– Vases and Decorative design. 

Beside the porcelain we have a big network of smaller and bigger ceramic workshops and manufactures which cover anything you can imagine in terms of material, glazes and colours keeping an even longer historical heritage of craftmanship alive!