Compared to the western world’s glass production and craftsmanship China has long been fighting with pure conditions on all levels from devastating work conditions to poor quality which hardly could be named craft. A radical change in both aspects is today a fact and HUACI Group has in the past years been able to build reliable partnerships with glass manufactures producing all from hand-blown soda glass for drink glasses to decorative glasses like vases. Mass produced industrial glass products based on borosilicate glass originally for laboratories and household use has become a big part of Chinas knowhow in glass. We share the capacity between a handful of small and bigger workshops and industries each with their specialities. For some of the workshops we experience a true innovative force and flexibility. 

In the past years we have seen a fast development in high quality crystal glass both as hand-blown and pressed glass artefacts of big interest for designers who hardly find such productions in the western world.

Our expertise is, 

– Drinking ware

– Stemware in soda and crystal glass

– Drink glasses & tumblers in soda and crystal glass

– Water & wine Carafes in soda and crystal glass

– Vases & bowls in soda and crystal glass 

– An unlimited product category of kitchenware in borosilicate glass

– spanning from double walled tea mugs to Coffee and tea pots