The HUACI Group Buying Office

China has a long history and eminent tradition in craftsmanship and still a lot of workshops around China carry on this tradition. On our extensive travels in remote areas of China we often find workshops producing very special and beautiful traditional Chinese artefacts in Porcelain, Ceramics, Lacquer craft, Traditional furniture’s, Wood craft, Enamelled artefacts and Bamboo crafts. At HUACI Group we would like to help keeping this tradition alive. We know that western clients with a special interest in this unique part of Chinese manufacturing require assistance in closer proximities with these small and not export knowledge workshops.

HUACI Group offers a complete buying office solution, where our dedicated client teams in our existing infrastructure and management can handle such small entities and will be able to execute sourcing, quality control, shipping logistics and not least translation services and expertise.

Your benefits are:

On the ground immediate response and communication with the suppliers.

Cost efficiency.

Reduction of import risks.

Traveling and translation assistance for buying negotiations.

Chinese craft expertise.